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These are quilt-themed mystery novels by Earlene Fowler and other authors. These are well written, "who-dunit" style murder mysteries. Great to curl up with on a cold winter's night, a rainy day...or a relaxing day at the beach!

FOOL'S PUZZLE BOOK 1 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #1 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Benni Harper is a quilter and becomes the curator of a folk-art museum in San Celina, CA. She also tries her hand at being an amateur sleuth as she tries to solve a murder that her cousin Rita has become the prime suspect of. The start of a promising new series. Pub.Jan-1995;256pp

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USED - HARDBACK - A Death on Demand Mystery
The Women's Club of Broward's Rock prides itself on the success of its annual White Elephant Sale. But this year's sale is marred by a bizarre turn. A sly blackmailer coerces five of the town's most prominent citizens into donating valuable artifacts--or some very unflattering information about the individuals might be revealed. When a volunteer fails to return the pick-up van, Henny Brawley, Annie's best customer and good chum, drives off to find the missing woman, just as a powerful squall hits the island. Hours later, a worried Annie goes off in search of Henny, only to find the corpse of the missing volunteer. The victim turns out to be the blackmailer and despite Annie's protests, the new police chief suspects Henny of the murder. Convinced of their friend's innocence, Annie and Max hobnob with the island's smart set to determine who among them has a secret they would go to any length to protect.

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IRISH CHAIN BOOK 2 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #2 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Sequel to Fool's Puzzle, Benni Harper is involved with a Senior Citizen Prom and a local oral history project. When she discovers two bodies, one the prom king. Going against the wish of her police chief boyfriend, she unravels the threads of the mystery herself. Pub.Feb-1996;320pp

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KANSAS TROUBLES BOOK 3 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #3 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. After marriage to the San Celina Police Chief Gabe Ortiz, Benni is excited to visit his hometown in Kansas. At a barbecue, she meets Tyler Brown, an aspiring country music singer with a bright future. Her life is cut short by murder and Benni starts investigating. Pub.Mar-1997;320pp

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GOOSE IN THE POND BOOK 4 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #4 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Benni Harper is deep in preparations for the museum's first storytelling festival, to be combined with a show of handmade quilts. Then Benni finds a dead woman lying facedown in the lake and her investigation takes her inside the Storyteller's Guild. Pub.Mar-1998;320pp

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DOVE IN THE WINDOW BOOK 5 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #5 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. When photographer Shelby Johnson is murdered during the San Celina, California, Heritage Days celebration, her friend Benni Harper, dedicated quilter, rancher-turned- museum curator, and new wife of Police Chief Gabe Ortiz, searches for the killer. Pub.May-1999;320pp

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MARINER'S COMPASS BOOK 6 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #6 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Inheriting a house from a man she never met, Benni Harper, folk art museum curator and sleuth, must spend two weeks alone in it. She follows mysterious clues her benefactor left behind, leading unsettling information about her mother who died when Benni was six. Pub.Apr-2000;336pp

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SEVEN SISTERS BOOK 7 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #7 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Benni Harper's stepson Sam tells her he is engaged to Bliss Girard, daughter of a prominent rancher. Then Bliss's cousin is murdered. Benni investigates and discovers that the murderer may be in the family, ready to kill again. Pub.Apr-2001;320pp

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NEW - Softcover. This is Book #8 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Benni Harper is coming home to Sugartree, Arkansas. Folk-art historian, ranchwoman, and unwitting detective is back for Sugartree Baptist Church's Homecoming. But Benni's nostalgia is abruptly cut short when, Toby, the son of the mayor is found dead. Pub.Apr-2002;320pp

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STEPS TO THE ALTER BOOK 9 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #9 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. While Benni Harper is trying to plan two weddings, the local historical society asks her to catalog the contents of some old trunks. She digs up clues to a decades-old unsolved murder and struggles with a very personal crisis of the heart. Pub.Apr-2003;320pp

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BROKEN DISHES BOOK 10 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #10 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Benni's friend and her husband have a dude ranch that's about to go under. So Benni helps out, tempting vacationers with a Western extravaganza. But the fun turns sour when a dog finds a bone on the property and Benni uncovers human remains. Pub.May-2005;304pp

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NEW - Softcover. This is Book #11 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. When the musical director of Benni Harper's church is called away, Benni is dragged into a musical mission of mercy in which murder hits a sour note. Benni finds the church's reclusive handyman murdered in the sanctuary. The solving of one crimes intertwines with another. Pub.May;2006;352pp

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TUMBLING BLOCKS BOOK 12 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - Softcover. This is Book #12 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Investigating the death of a local socialite, Benni Harper will need to crack an exclusive circle of suspects before one more gourmet goose gets cooked in the Agatha Award- winning series. Pub.May-2008;336pp

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STATE FAIR BOOK 13 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - HARDCOVER. This is Book #13 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. Museum curator and reluctant sleuth Benni Harper readies herself for the County Mid-State Fair. A valued quilt stolen from an exhibit and a corpse in another exhibit adds fuel to the fire. Benni investigates helped by great-aunt Garnet who has watched one to many cop shows. Pub.May-2010;304pp

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SPIDER WEB BOOK 14 by Earlene Fowler
NEW - HARDCOVER. This is Book #14 of the Benni Harper Mystery Series by Earlene Fowler. The Memory Festival celebrates loved ones through crafts. But this peaceful street fair is threatened by a mysterious sharpshooter who has a vendetta against the police. Benni fears for her loved ones and is determined to make her home- town safe. Pub.May-2011;304pp

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USED - PAPERBACK FIRST BOOK in the series - A Tea Shop Mystery
Meet Theodosia Browning, owner of Charleston's beloved Indigo Tea Shop. Patrons love her blend of delicious tea tastings and southern hospitality. And Theo enjoys the full-bodied flavor of a town steeped in history---and mystery.....

It's tea for two hundred or so at the annual historic homes garden party. And Theodosia, as event caterer, is busy serving steaming teas and blackberry scones while guests sing her praises. But the sweet smell of success turns to suspense when an esteemed guest is found dead--his hand clutching an empty teacup. All eyes are on Theo....who is now trying desperately to save her reputation and track down the real killer. If only she can make sense of it all--beforc someone else takes their last sip.....

Includes a delicious recipe and tea-making tips!

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WHEN DID WE LOSE HARRIET? by Patricia Sprinkle
USED - PAPERBACK - BOOK 1 in the series...MacLaren Yarbrough Mysteries
A teenage girl has been missing from her Montgomery, Alabama, home for six weeks. She may be a runaway, a crime victim, or both. What's amazing is other people's lack of concern. Just one person cares than she's gone: a spunky amateur sleuth on the sunset end of sixty.

Armed with razor-sharp insight, a salty wit, and tenacious faith, MacLaren Yarbrough follows a trail of clues--a wisp of a hint, a shadow of a lie--in search of answers to questions that come hot and fast and that grow increasingly alarming. How did a fifteen-year-old girl come across a large sum of money? Why did she hide it instead of taking it with her? Where is she now? And who is willing to kill to keep MacLaren from probing too far?

Masked by Dixie charm and the scent of honeysuckle, a deadly secret lies coiled...one that holds the ultimate answer to the question.... When Did We Lose Harriet?

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HOUSE A HAUNT by Alisa Craig
RARE - USED - Paperback The Grub-and-Stakers Mystery (Charlotte MacLeod writing as Alisa Craig)
Normally not one to be spooked by a specter, spunky widow Zilla Trott is nevertheless unnerved when the ghost of long-dead mule driver Hiram Jellyby appears in her kitchen--demanding that someone disinter his murdered bones and his lost cache of gold...while liberally availing himself of his haunted hostess' liquor supply.

A good, old-fashioned conundrum is the bread-and-butter of the Lobelia Falls Grub-and-Stake Gardening and Roving Club. And now, before gold fever turns their town topsy-turvy, they must unravel the century-old riddle of the grizzled ghostly guzzler's demise--not to mention solve the modern mystery behind innkeeper Hedrick Snarf's recent penchant for purple silk socks.

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CRIMES OF THE HEART by various authors
USED - Paperback
If you have a passion for mystery, you'll cherish this collection--fourteen deliciously surprising tales that dare you to take a bite and see what's inside. These original stories from today's top crime and suspense writers prove that love has its dark side--and that sometimes Cupid's arrow can be a deadly weapon indeed......

Here's a few teasers....
Susan Dunlap: A Valentine's dinner for two--in bed--can have some unexpected consequences. Especially when the two in question are both police detectives.

Nancy Pickard: Red is the color of love. Green is the color of jealousy. And blue is the color of revenge.

Joan Hess: A shy, good-natured fellow spends a harrowing Valentine's Day with the woman of his dreams....and his nightmares!

Lia Matera: When a man has been married twice, which wife will he spend eternity with? It depends how you define "eternity".....

.....and ten more tales of death and desire that mystery fans will fall in love with!

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FOOL'S PUZZLE by Earlene Fowler
USED - Paperback A Benni Harper Mystery
Albenia "Benni" Harper, a youthful widow, serves as curator of an impecunious folk-art museum in San Celina, California. Just as the deadline for a quilting exhibit arrives, she spots her cousin fleeing from the scene of a murder. Hastening to clear her cousin's name, Benni stays one jump ahead of police, at the same time learning disturbing facts about her husband's death. Hectic action (mostly driving hither and yon) and dialog accompany the amateur sleuth, who actually reads a how-to-be-a-p.i. book for assistance. The start of a promising new series.

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SHADOW OF AN ANGEL by Mignon F. Ballard
NEW Paperback - An Augusta Goodnight Mystery
After the sudden death of her husband, Minda Hobbs returns to Angel Heights, S.C., the home of her forebears, to seek peace and purpose in her life. Instead, she finds her n'er-do-well cousin Otto as cold and stiff as yesterday's grits in the ladies' room at the historic Minerva Academy.

Shocked by her cousin's murder and still grieving over the loss of her husband, Minda has mixed emotions when she's greeted by her guardian angel, Augusta Goodnight. Shimmering with church window radiance, and smelling of strawberry jam, Augusta is a temp who's come on a double mission-to help Minda solve Otto's murder and to take care of unfinished business from an assignment in 1916.

Even though Otto could be unbearable at times, an annoying laugh is hardly cause for murder. Minda's only lead is a tiny gold pin, found wedged in a Minerva Academy bathroom stall, and its connection to a club called the Mystic Six. Together, Minda and Augusta trace the descendents of this secret society, piecing together clues that lead to a special quilt and the mystery behind Cousin Otto's unfortunate demise.

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USED - HARDBACK - A collection of short stories
Foggy Mountain Breakdown, the first-ever collection of Sharyn McCrumb's short fiction, is a literary quilting of old and new, humorous and heartfelt, offering award-winning works--and two stories never before published, contrasting mountain childhoods past and present.

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NURSERY CRIMES by Ayelet Waldman
USED - HARDBACK - A Mommy-Track Mystery
Ayelet Waldman's delightful mystery series introduced readers to Juliet Applebaum, a public defender turned stay-at-home mom. Juliet shares parenting duties with her screenwriter husband, but she's bored with playdates and trips to the park. That is, until she finds a way to spice up motherhood—with murder...
Getting accepted at Hollywood's hottest preschool is every bit as cutthroat as getting cast in a Hollywood film. Even Juliet's own two-year-old, Ruby, got butted out of the Billy-goat room. But when the school's principal is killed in a hit-and-run accident, Juliet wonders if someone is taking the competition too seriously. And even though she's eight months pregnant, with a toddler by her side, Juliet Applebaum decides to get off the mommy track to track down a would-be killer.

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After 20 years as the nation's most popular weatherman on the top-rated TV morning show, "Hello, World", Stanley Waters looks forward to semi-retirement and a sunny future as innkeeper of the bed-and-breakfast Blue Skies in the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia. But an unexpected storm front brings scattered violence, and one of the guests at the cozy B&B's gala grand opening drops dead. Now Stanley must play sleuth and uncover a cunning killer.

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