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All Fabric is 100% cotton and approximately 42-44" wide unless otherwise stated in the description. All FQ (fat quarters) are approx. 18" x 22" unless otherwise stated.

To order partial yardage....simply use fractions or decimals such as....1/2, 3/4, 1/3, etc. Or... .25, .50, .75...etc.

You will not be charged for this service unless we find your fabric and you agree to purchase it. Please read the full explanation below for the details of the service. If you wish to use this service ....put the appropriate number in the "quantity" for the number of fabrics you want us to search for. Upon receiving your request....we will send you an email to get as much information as you can provide about the fabric (manufacturer, designer, line, sku number, color, pattern, etc.) Please WATCH for this email ...the search will not begin until we get a response to that email.

Looking for an out of print fabric to complete a project? We provide a Fabric Search Service to locate fabric that you cannot find, fabric that is long out of print, etc. I've been in the Fabric business for more than 25 years and have created an extensive file of Fabric Sources.....businesses (people and companies that use fabrics to make and manufacture items but don't sell fabric to the general public), manufacturers, distributors, shops, friends, etc. Using my many sources ....I will do a Fabric Search for you to try to find a particular fabric you are looking for. The charge is a flat fee of $10 per fabric. You only pay the $10 if I find the fabric and you purchase it. The price of the fabric....along with shipping and tax, if applicable, is the ACTUAL cost I am charged to purchase the fabric for you. If I find the fabric, and you think the price is too high....or you don't want it....for whatever reason....there is no charge. ( Note: Fabric that is long out of print may be priced higher than currently available fabric.) Searches can take a few days to several weeks. You will be notified when I find the fabric with the purchase price and any other pertinent information. You, at that time have the option to buy it....or not. You will also be notified if I have exhausted my sources and the fabric is no where to be found. The $10 fee for the Search will be added to the cost of the fabric when you purchase it. Look for the FABRIC SEARCH CATEGORY on the website to use this valuable service!

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